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Hamilton star accuses London bar of racial profiling

By adminvertexpublic / Published on Saturday, 30 Nov 2019 17:07 PM / Comments Off on Hamilton star accuses London bar of racial profiling / 64 views

Actor Giles Terera has accused a bar in London of refusing entry to a group of black actors after racially profiling them.

Terera, who won an Olivier award in 2018 for his performance as Aaron Burr in the musical Hamilton, tweeted about the incident on Friday.

He accused the Ain’t Nothin’ But blues bar in Soho of refusing to allow him and eight black actors in while allowing 10 white customers in ahead of them.

Terera added: “This group of talented, and hard working actors was left devastated, confused and upset while the manager said ‘I don’t care who you are or what you are’.

“That this happens anywhere is a f***ing disgrace, the fact it happens at venue which also exploits blues music is sick.”

However, the bar disputes Terera, claiming that nobody was refused entry.

Instead, the bar claimed that a number of his group were unable to produce proof of their age when already inside the bar, and couldn’t be served.

“It is a shame they then have to try and use the ‘race’ card to intimidate the staff,” the bar stated on its Facebook page.

“We have regular customers, and staff, who are black. It makes no difference to us what colour people are.”

The bar explained: “Just because the next group happened to be white, they were a different age group, so were served.

“We now have an unfair reputation which we cannot properly respond to,” it added.

Famous supporters of the actor have expressed solidarity with group.

Terera has not yet responded to the bar’s criticism of his claim.