How haters will remember Tom Brady in retirement

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Nick Foles has a career record of 29-29, but he’s 1-0 against Tom Brady in the Super Bowl and that’s all that matters! The Philadelphia Eagles should have dropped dead in 2017 after a devastating injury to starting quarterback Carson Wentz. Wentz has been an MVP candidate for most of the year and without him under center, the Eagles shouldn’t be a Super Bowl contender. During their run to the Big Game, they were underdogs in every game they played. That didn’t stop them though.

Foles, a man who never started more than 12 games in a season, and traveled from Philly to Kansas City back to Philly to Jacksonville, Chicago and finally Indianapolis, got the best out of Brady. Foles threw for 373 yards and three touchdowns in that game. He also caught a touchdown during a play that would become known as the “Philly Special.” Meanwhile, when Brady tried to play catcher in that game, he let the ball go slips through his hands.

Foles was just playing with his food. Brady never had a chance. Brady threw for 505 yards and still lost by a touchdown and a two-point conversion. Brady could have thrown for 700 yards and Foles would have somehow managed to pull out the win, because that’s what elite quarterbacks do. Clearly, Brady is not and has never been elite. It’s just science.

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