How many children does Cooper Manning have and what do they do?

Cooper Manning is the first child of Archie Manning, the patriarch of the uber-successful Manning family. Cooper, an entrepreneur, was a standout player in high school in New Orleans, but when he arrived at Ole Miss, Archie Manning’s alma mater, he was diagnosed with spinal stenosis and never played college football.

But that didn’t stop him from having a successful career in and around the game that made his family famous.

Today we’re going to highlight Cooper Manning’s kids as we look at what they’re up to. Cooper and his wife Ellen have three children: two sons and a daughter. So, you can keep reading to find out what they do for a living.

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What are Cooper Manning’s sons doing?

Cooper Manning’s sons are active college and high school football players. The first son is Arch Manning, the No. 1 prospect in his class and someone you’ve probably heard of.

Arch Manning was named after Cooper’s dad, Archie, who was the first Manning to play in the NFL. However, Arch could become even more popular than his legendary father when all is said and done.

The tall and elegant QB had dozens of top colleges drooling over his talents and making offers. He played at his father’s alma mater, the Isidore Newman School, where Peyton Manning and Eli Manning starred, breaking nearly all of the school’s passing records. He has committed to play college football at the University of Texas in 2023.

Cooper Manning’s second son is Heid Manning, born in 2006. Heid is the only person in the Manning family tree who does not play quarterback or wide receiver. Instead, he lines up at center and remains the starting center for Newman. He’s protected his brother throughout their time there together, and it’s more than likely he’ll end up joining Cooper at UT.

What does Copper Manning’s daughter do?

Cooper and his wife Ellen have another child, a daughter named May, who happens to be the oldest child in the household. Unlike her brothers, May does not play football but volleyball, where she has carved out her niche. Mary played volleyball at Academy of the Sacred Heart and is currently a freshman at the University of Virginia.

Cooper’s oldest child is a very talented volleyball player, and she led her Sacred Heart team, a traditional powerhouse, to the 2020 Louisiana State Volleyball Championship. This showed the world that the Mannings are not only good at soccer, but at other sports as well.

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