How to hate – watching Super Bowl 57 between Chiefs-Eagles

Hate!  Hate!  Hate!

Look, the Super Bowl can’t be a celebration for both teams. Ridicule is the energy source that fuels at least half of the NFL’s astronomical viewership. Millions of fans hate watching sports television programs, reality TV, and hate-read our page — and we thank you for your eyes. (But I prayread the headlines before formulating an opinion).

After all, without a villain, heroes cannot appear. We wouldn’t want an idyllic world where fans showed up to Sunday’s Rihanna concert in Glendale, Arizona with nothing but love in their hearts. But beneath the surface, we all just need something to fight against. Here’s a quick rundown of all the excuses for hate-watch Super Bowl LVII even if you don’t have a team or player to root for.

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