Indianapolis Colts fans don’t want Jeff Saturday as head coach

Jeff Saturday

Jeff Saturday
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I like to say that we here at Deadspin started an unofficial petition to prevent Jeff Saturday from becoming the next full-time head coach of the Indianapolis Colts. The reaction to Saturday being favored by many qualified candidates who – get this – coached football before, it was so big that Twitter did a thing where they tried to make people feel bad for being upset. The anger remains, however, and has grown into an actual petition after Saturday made the cut.

It was more tweets about owner Jim Irsay’s desire to hire a practically positive man as head coach despite concerns from people in his (seemingly useless) circle. These concerns boil down to what exactly did Saturday do during his 1-7 tenure as an interim to earn the head coaching job? In his story about the petitionthe The Indianapolis Star had some stats for the anti-Sabbath camp, and even for the Internet, were shocking. The difference of -87 points in those eight games is the main one among them.

When the owner is no longer suitable for the office?

According to the story, there were more than 1,500 verified signatures on the petition, which was released Wednesday. I’m just picturing some guy in a Reggie Wayne jersey standing outside Kroger asking people to support the sick of society that is Jeff Saturday who coaches the local football team. It’s also one of the few things I’d actually stop to put mine on Herbie Hancock he, and I have no opinion on the Colts except that Sabota should not be the head coach.

Let’s hope that those who pledge their support do so because it’s bad business, but also because it’s another piece of evidence The NFL is reportedly employment practices. The Colts have he reportedly showed interest in several black coachesbut they must do so in order to fulfill Rooney’s rule. If Saturday is brought in as the next coach, so could the league only Venmo Brian Flores and other defendants that day.

Not exactly a vote of confidence

General director Chris Ballard said of the upcoming future-altering decision: “In the end, Mr. Irsay makes the final decision.”

I wouldn’t exactly call it a harbinger of hope, and it makes me wish that removing the owner was as simple as signing a petition. Sounds like whoever directed Frank Reich to switch to Sam Ehlinger (because it is more mobile) is in charge, and that is scarier than Saturday, which decides.

Divided into Indy Star the article was a Twitter poll on how fans felt about the possibility of Saturday getting the nod, and the overwhelming response was “I hate it.” I’m not a proponent of fan service in my sport or my IP because I’d like to honestly believe that the people hired to do the job are more capable than Andy from Pawnee.

That said, I would trust Chris Pratt to pick the next Colts coach over Irsay.

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