Is President Joe Biden an Eagles fan? POTUS all-in on Jalen Hurts and co.

The Super Bowl is the biggest game of the year for Jalen Hurts and the Philadelphia Eagles, as well as Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs. Arguably the most important person in the country has given his support to one of these teams.

Each team has legions of fans, but the President of the United States has declared his support for Hurts and the Eagles.

He tweeted:

“As your president, I don’t pick favorites. But as Jill Biden’s husband, fly Eagles, fly.”

Biden isn’t necessarily an Eagles fan, but his wife is. Jill Biden posted a video showing her support for the Eagles, and the president tweeted his approval from the official POTUS account.


The president can certainly be a fan of the team, but Biden is not necessarily an Eagles fan. He’s just a good husband who wants to see his wife’s team win. For now, his hopes look good as the Eagles currently lead

What has happened with Jalen Hurts and the Eagles so far?

The Eagles, and especially Jalen Hurts, have experienced the ups and downs of the game so far. Their opening drive was perfect as Hurts methodically moved down the field.

The Chiefs fumbled and then missed a field goal, giving the ball back to Hurts and company. They scored on a 45-yard touchdown pass to AJ Brown. That gave them the lead.

When the Eagles forced a punt, things looked good. Unfortunately, the quarterback fumbled on the scramble and the Chiefs easily returned it for a touchdown.

Jalen Hurts loses in the Super Bowl
Jalen Hurts loses in the Super Bowl

That tied the game, but Hurts and company didn’t stay long. After a huge fourth down by Jalen Hurts, the running back was able to score by himself from three yards out to give the Chiefs the lead again.

This is already a very high scoring game and the Eagles offense doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.


This could very well end up as one of the highest scoring Super Bowls of all time if Hurts and Mahomes continue to put on the show they have been.

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