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Protests erupt in Israel over Netanyahu’s government’s push for sweeping judicial reform. In addition, the journalist wiretapping scandal in Greece does not receive enough media attention.

Benjamin Netanyahu’s hard-right government is facing Israeli protests sparked by sweeping changes to the country’s judicial powers. Adding to the cacophony is media coverage ranging from Fox’s Channel 14, with its conspiracy theories and pro-government talking points, to the opportunistic Channel 13, which is trying to recast itself as supporting the protests.

Eva Berger – Senior Lecturer in Media Studies, COLMAN
Joshua Leifer – Associate Editor, Jewish Currents
Diana Buttu – Lawyer and political activist
Oren Persico – writer, Seventh Eye

On our radar:

In the geopolitical battle between the United States and China, one of the world’s most popular social media – TikTok – is taking a beating. And there is no solution in sight yet. Meenakshi Ravi followed this story.

Greek spy scandal:

Greece is facing an ongoing surveillance scandal after it was revealed that several journalists had their phones hacked by spyware used by the Greek intelligence service for surveillance. Although a scandal of this magnitude should normally attract the attention of the country’s media, this is not the case. Producer Phillips Flo reports on Greece’s spyware scandal and the country’s media silence on the affair.

Eliza Triantafillou – investigative reporter, Inside Story
Thanasis Koukakis – Financial Editor, CNN Greece
Stefanos Loukopoulos – Co-Founder and Director, Vouliwatch

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