Jennifer Newsom’s nonprofit earns $1.48 million from pornographic, LGBTQ films for schools

The Gateway Pundit reported on issues surrounding The Representation Project, a non-profit organization run by Jennifer, wife of California Governor Gavin Newsom.

According to their website, “The mission of The Representation Project is to fight sexism through film, education, research and activism to build a world where everyone can reach their full potential.”

Although nonprofits are exempt from paying federal taxes, they must comply with state and federal reporting requirements to protect taxpayer interests.

In the Open the Books report, Newsoma’s nonprofit appears to have failed to do so, but continues to collect donations “from individuals and large corporations that supported her husband and did business with the state of California.”

In an extensive and disturbing report, Open the Books has revealed additional information regarding funding provided by The Representation Project for gender justice films and curriculum that are rented to schools.

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The organization’s Impact Report (2011-2021) reveals that the organization’s film programs are used in more than 5,000 schools across the country generating $1,483,001 in film screening revenue.

The content of the films, as well as the accompanying curricula, are disturbing.

Image: Screenshot from the Miss Representation high school curriculum

Open book reports (edited for explicit language):

The film contains strong language and provocatively dressed women:

  • Caroline Heldman, who is now the executive director of Newsom’s nonprofit organization, described the role of women in action movies as a “freakin’ fighting toy.”
  • Actress Daphne Zuniga, known for Melrose Place and film parody space balls,suggested that women would “tell those f*cks to get penile implants” in response to being told to get plastic surgery.
  • Middle school kids are served images of upside-down strippers with little left to the imagination (see above).

Then it gets worse.

Newsom’s film The mask you live in contains website addresses of porn sites including Porn Hub, MassiveCams, BDSM.XXX and The pornographic images shown in the film are labeled with descriptions such as “dominance”, “fucking face”, “freak couples” and “…dirty brunettes”.

Newsom included images of naked or mostly naked women being slapped, handcuffed and brutalized in pornographic videos. Images are vivid even when blurred. Images of those scenes can be found HERE (VIEWERS ARE ADVISED OF DISCRETION).

These disturbing images are presented with corresponding pornographic website addresses – providing a roadmap for future research. The film seems to justify their harmful content by saying that “34% of young people on the Internet are UNWANTEDLY EXPOSED TO PORNOGRAPHIC VIEWING.”

However, 100% of young people (or anyone else) get unwanted or gratuitous pornographic exposure by watching Newsom’s films.

The full report can be found on Open the Books.

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