Kevin Burkhardt and Greg Olsen were just fine in their first Super Bowl

Take a bow guys, you did great.

Take a bow guys, you did great.
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There was a lot of talk about Fox’s booth before the Super Bowl, as broadcasters Kevin Burkhardt and Greg Olsen debuted as the biggest event in American sports. With the specter of Tom Brady looming over Olsen’s future as Fox’s top analyst, the duo were on point all night.

Burkhardt got excited when he needed to be excited, Olsen’s key points were relevant, and the cabin was present but not overstated throughout. The moment with the greatest gradation – the so-called call after the winner wins the title – was fine. “And the Kansas City Chiefs won Super Bowl LVII” won’t bother anyoneand Burkhardt didn’t necessarily have to.

Game by game a guy has to be senile, grossly unfit, or the son of a famous TV host for the public to turn on him, and Burkhardt is none of those things. However, he is not replaceable, so let’s talk about that half of the duo that is.

Olsen got a chance as someone’s lead analyst

It could have been easy for Olsen to overdo it and try too hard. The insight he adds to the call as a former tight end extends from the passing game to blocking schemes, and he explained it well without overcomplicating things.

He’s been exposed to risks as a coach all along, with Nick Sirianni taking risks and Andy Reid opting for field goals on fourth down and not so risky. Field conditions he played an important role even though it was the Super Bowl, and Olsen, as a good analyst would, saw what we saw.

What pisses me off the most is when guys have orgasms on the air during a quarterback play, and Olsen stayed composed even after Jalen Hurts hit Dallas Goedert on third-and-14. He was a little bit on Sirianni’s hit on fourth down, but that was a big part of the first. halftime, so it didn’t bother me too much.

There wasn’t much controversy outside of THAT pending call, and Olsen came out on top. Mike Pereira can defend the zebras all he wants, but Olsen was right. It was a 50-50 call, and Eagles fans will never – EVER – let it go.

A note on diversity

The NFL checked every diversity box it could before the game started. Babyface open for anthem singer Chris Stapleton. We have an Indian signing the national anthem, the first ever an all-female military flyover, which the NFL made sure to note.

Burkhardt and Olsen followed, reminding us that even Fox’s B team doesn’t have a black man. It would be nice if all this energy surrounding Olsen possibly replacing Brady could also be channeled into getting more variety in the call.

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