LEO HOHMANN: America 2023 – Sleepwalking in World War III

China and Russia are in full war mode, mobilizing their economies, their armies and navies for World War III with America.

Guest post by Leo Hohmann

Notice I said “America”. Not “NATO”. NATO is America and America is NATO together with its vassal states.

NATO has always been built on American power. The problem is that America has lost its power and all that is left is largely a matter of perception, not reality.

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When the world realizes this, it’s game over. Once they see that the emperor has no clothes, that everything is smoke and mirrors — and the balloon incident has begun to open people’s eyes — they will be shocked at how weak America really is.

This degradation of American power has been facilitated by ideological traitors (Communists masquerading as Democrats) and greed-based traitors (Republicans masquerading as “free trade” and global “free market” crusaders). They hollowed out the manufacturing base of this country, making us dependent on a hostile foreign power, China, while profiting greatly from their partnerships with “Chinese companies,” without explaining to the American people that to be a viable Chinese “business” you must march to the dictates of the Chinese Communist Party. When you boil it down, essentially every Chinese business that our American globalist friends are involved in is part of a state-corporate superstructure controlled by the Chinese Communist Party.

Take, for example, this headline from today’s Detroit News: Ford will announce a $2.5 billion battery plant in Marshall (Michigan) with a Chinese partner.

A friend of mine from Michigan said it best when I sent him the article above: “100 years ago Henry Ford brought Sharia abiding Mohammedans to Michigan to provide cheap labor for his factories. Today, Ford Motor Company is bringing America’s enemies from China to Michigan to enrich its business.”

Democratic governors like Gretchen Whitmer in Michigan and Republican governors like Brian Kemp in Georgia are totally on board with selling their states to the Chinese under the guise of creating jobs.

The Biden administration awkwardly announced this week that it is banning the US from doing business with six Chinese corporations because they have ties to China’s military aerospace industry.

According to CNN

The US Commerce Department is banning six Chinese companies linked to the Chinese military’s aerospace programs from acquiring US technology without government approval.

The move comes after a suspected Chinese surveillance balloon flew over the US last week, raising political tensions between the world’s two largest economies.

Six companies? This is ridiculous. Every Chinese “company” is ultimately connected to the CCP and its military ambitions.

Meanwhile, Globalist Communist Democrats and Globalist “Free Market” Republicans have allowed our military to degrade while sending endless weapons and ammunition to Eastern Europe and other areas of the world. They opened the US borders and ignored homeland defense, thinking the US was invincible (eerily similar to the revived Babylonian empire, drunk with pride, described in Revelation 17-18).

At the same time the American government is corrupt, some Americans have become too relaxed, living in luxury, too preoccupied with games, entertainment, and other frivolous things that don’t matter, too ambivalent about things that do matter, to even see what’s happening in front of them. eyes.

America is in free fall, both economically and militarily. And especially morally. It’s been a gradual decline for decades, but eventually things are moving very quickly and I believe we’ve entered that final death spiral.

This is very reminiscent of ancient Rome and its far reaching empire building. Rome, like America, was busy building a nation abroad while ignoring the homeland. He eventually exploded from within when he realized that the barbarians were not only gathering at the gate, they were inside the gate.

Here’s a list of things the Biden regime is doing that are the opposite of what any legitimate government would do if it went to war with a superpower like Russia, China, or, God forbid, both at the same time:

  • Pushing dangerous experimental pharmaceuticals to the US military, emergency services and healthcare personnel. China and Russia have not imposed these mRNA drugs on their military personnel.
  • Sending endless weapons and ammunition to Ukraine.
  • He advocates for a global pandemic agreement that would shift sovereignty from individual nations to the United Nations World Health Organization in matters of public health and “public health emergencies of international concern.” The new international health regulations, if adopted by the World Health Assembly in the last week of May, would transfer authority to the WHO to declare when such emergencies are declared and how to respond, whether with masks, isolation, forced injections, etc.
  • Introducing transgenderism, critical race theory, and other destructive and divisive elements into the US military.
  • Depleting US strategic oil reserves to dangerously low levels while continuing to push the “climate change” policy of phasing out the so-called “fossil fuels” needed to run a modern economy, let alone a war economy. Russia and China are not giving in to John Kerry and Bill Gates in the world. They have no problem with “fossil fuels”.
  • It continues to fuel divisions within American society — racial, gender, religious. Just this week, an FBI memo shows it is targeting conservative Catholics as an “extremist” threat. We’ve previously seen parents who come to school board meetings, so-called “choice deniers,” those who refuse vaccines, and pro-life evangelicals labeled as extremists and enemies of the state in a fairy-tale world where the DOJ and the FBI operate. They should be focused on the real enemies, but they choose to demonize various categories of law-abiding, hard-working American families.
  • Continuing to encourage business deals with China in which China buys valuable American agricultural and industrial land.
  • Opening the borders to terrorists and sleeper cells from China, Iran, Russia and any other country that wants to send us their bad apples.
  • Go for the weapon. If we had a legitimate government that knew war with Russia and China was on the horizon, it would encourage responsible gun ownership by citizens, not try to ban those guns.
  • Not explaining to the American people that we are at war with Russia and China, at least a proxy war and we are quickly moving towards direct war with both sides escalating the conflicts. Why escalate to war without mobilizing for war and explaining the reasons to the people?

As a result of the above policies, America is not ready for World War III. And if America continues to sleepwalk into World War III, it will lose World War III.

The state is not mobilizing. It’s not a merger. I really believe it’s because we don’t have a legitimate government in Washington. It is a fake government run by traitors. This entity that people call a government, while pushing the world toward war, is not preparing for war.

As individual people of faith, I say this: Prepare accordingly. Because your “government” will not protect you from foreign or domestic enemies. It will be every man for himself, every neighborhood for himself, every community for himself.

Millions of Americans will be focused on the Super Bowl this weekend as the world burns with wars, earthquakes, biological weapons being promoted as vaccines and growing hunger. They are and will remain completely insensitive to what is happening. I hear God saying, “Come out of her, my people,” before it is too late, before you share in her sins and plagues.

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