Leon Edwards is open to facing Jorge Masvidal if he wins at UFC 287

Jorge Masvidal and Leon Edwards weren’t shy about their mutual disdain after their backstage brawl at UFC Fight Night 147 2019.

The 11th-ranked welterweight has been looking for a title fight against Edwards since dethroning Kamaru Usman at UFC 278. Ahead of his first title defense, the welterweight champion shared how Masvidal can earn an opportunity to face him.

Jorge Masvidal and Leon Edwards trade words and punch backstage during the ESPN+ post-show https://t.co/kYEkWxN8Io

In conversation with Ariel Helwani on MMA hourEdwards stated:

“If he goes there and beats Gilbert [Burns]I think it’s a struggle [Edwards vs. Masvidal] to make. It’s been brewing for a long time – three, four years, so let’s get in there and settle it once and for all and move on.”

Helwani responded by asking if Edwards believed Masvidal would emerge victorious at UFC 287, prompting the welterweight champion to claim:

“No. I hope they both fucking lose, to be honest with you… It’ll be a good fight. I’m looking forward to it – seeing who’s the best bum.”

With Edwards set to defend his title against Kamaru Usman at UFC 286, Masvidal will have a huge opportunity when he fights less than a month later at UFC 287, especially if he wins first.

If Edwards can defeat Usman and ‘Street Jesus’ Burns, Masvidal will likely get another shot at the title despite losing his previous three fights.

Watch Leon Edwards discuss a potential matchup with Jorge Masvidal below:

Leon Edwards thinks Jorge Masvidal is a “necessary fight” if he beats Gilbert Burns 👀 #MamaSat“It’s going to be a good fight — I’m looking forward to it — to see who’s the best bum.”▶️ youtu.be/QRMM-q9WXDU https://t.co/TqWrtzKEpy

Jorge Masvidal responds to Gilbert Burns’ call to fight for the ‘BMF’ title

Jorge Masvidal was awarded the symbolic ‘BMF’ title after defeating Nate Diaz at UFC 244 in 2019. Gilbert Burns, who Masvidal will face at UFC 287, recently called for a chance to fight for the title on Twitter:

“Come on @danawhite April 8th has to be 5 rounds! Put that belt on the line! Everyone knows only one guy in the @ufc fights ANYONE! #ufc287”

Masvidal, appearing on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani, responded, sharing the conditions under which he would put the ‘BMF’ belt on the line:

“If they pay me money from the BMF, but the UFC won’t increase the money, well, sorry Gilbert. I already got a contract, man. I already signed my s**t. I could give a lot less. . . . Three rounds is more than what I need for Gilbert. I like all the publicity and the extras he puts in it and all that stuff, but, bro, three rounds is all I need for his motherfucker.”

Since winning the symbolic belt, each of Masvidal’s opponents has called for the belt to be on the line. However, UFC President Dana White has already noted that the belt was a one-off and will not be contested in the future. The No. 11 light heavyweight is yet to win a fight since winning the belt.

Check out Gilbert Burns’ tweet and Jorge Masvidal’s response below:

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