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Marijuana Doctors Are Helping Physicians Supplement Income with A Simple Process and Revolutionary Approach

By adminvertexpublic / Published on Sunday, 27 Dec 2020 22:15 PM / Comments Off on Marijuana Doctors Are Helping Physicians Supplement Income with A Simple Process and Revolutionary Approach / 78 views

The COVID-19 pandemic has ravaged our country this past year, and has forced many businesses to either shut down, or lose a substantial portion of their income. Medical practices have been the hardest hit as people are afraid to see their physician- due to the fear of other sick people in close proximity. Wouldn’t it be great to supplement the lost income for physicians by adding a side business to their already existing practice, especially one that involves virtually no expenses?

Medical marijuana has been rapidly growing in popularity thanks to in-depth research showing its medicinal benefits, as well as many states coming around to its legalization. States also benefit by legalizing the former “drug” by taxing it, and adding more profit to their budget. If legislation is passing the legalization of marijuana, providers should also be able to capitalize off the magnificent healing elements of this plant. In order to obtain a medical marijuana prescription, a consumer must find a physician who can certify them, and this certification process can be a nice supplemental source of income for the physicians. How do consumers find such physicians? How can they go through the process of obtaining the requisite certification? Jason Draizin and Vincent Donadio have come up with an integral tool for this process, a directory called Marijuana Doctors. Marijuana Doctors is an online platform that lets physicians register as medical marijuana providers to serve consumers in their locality. For a small monthly fee, these physicians can evaluate potential consumers to see if they qualify for medical marijuana- no office, no major expenses.

The directory helps consumers find physicians in their locality that can certify for medical marijuana, and gives physicians a relatively easy way to supplement their existing income. All they have to do is a remote evaluation via phone or internet, and get paid for this relatively quick evaluation. The booming demand for medical marijuana continues to grow due to social distancing requirements, as people are forced to stay home. Going to see a doctor for things like an auto-immune disease can be costly, especially when you factor in the cost of insurance and prescription drugs needed to maintain health with such a condition. With extensive research showing the benefit of medical marijuana, a consumer can supplement or substitute their treatment with marijuana, and have it can be just as effective as pharmaceutical drugs. Countless individuals are looking to get their medical marijuana card as states continue to legalize it nationwide, so it is a great benefit for a physician to take advantage of this opportunity and be a provider for certification. Marijuana Doctors is not just an online directory, but serves as an educational tool to help consumers gain knowledge about marijuana laws in their state, the health benefits of marijuana, and the dispensaries that are in their region. If you are a physician and looking to add an extra source of income with almost no expenses, joining Marijuana Doctors can be of great benefit.

There is no better way to take advantage of this emerging industry than to help people with their health by using marijuana, and providing a quick evaluation either remotely or at a physicians existing practice. Marijuana Doctors also has a rating system in place for physicians who are registered providers on the directory, and if you are charismatic, you may just become the leading provider in your region. This can start off as an easy side business, and grow into something much more. Draizin and Donadio have opened the doors for physicians to capitalize off a growing market, and it would behoove a physician not to jump on this amazing opportunity. Let Marijuana Doctors increase your revenue, all from the comfort of your own home or existing practice. Who knows, you may just become the leading provider in your area and cure your Covid-19 blues with this great endeavor. The fee to join is small, but the financial benefits can be exponential.

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