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Mixing It Up with Artist/Singer/Songwriter/Model TK Wonder

By newadmin / Published on Thursday, 01 Aug 2019 10:46 AM / Comments Off on Mixing It Up with Artist/Singer/Songwriter/Model TK Wonder / 60 views

These days, it seems like everyone is working a gazillion jobs, pursuing infinite passions, and traveling all over the world. Over the coming days, we will be introducing you to a handful of the East End’s top talents whose success is generated by their magical ability to mix it all up. Meet TK Wonder!

Various Hustles: “Music artist, writer, songwriter, rapper, poet, model, diversity advocate. I spend an immense amount of time writing, working on music, and working with my business partner and best friend, my twin sister Cipriana Quann, every week. We work with our agency, Wilhelmina, and with various brands, as well as doing advocacy work, traveling, and attending functions for work — fund-raising galas, outreach programs, film premieres, and fashion events.”

How I Mix It Up: “I had so many passions and hobbies as a kid and a few made the cut into adulthood. I was certain that being a NY Times journalist was in my cards at age 10. My career took me into an entirely different direction involving music, modeling, fashion, and advocacy work. However, I spend a great deal of time reading, on political or social issues, criminal justice, marijuana reform, and fiction.”

TK Wonder (Hannah Turner-Harts)

Career Goals: “Writing a book and developing a TV show centered around food and travel with my twin sister. Creating more music. Aligning myself with an organization centered around children who experience physical abuse.”

Ultimate Mix Master: “My mom! She’s my idol. She had a full-time job, attended one of the top universities in the country, was a writer and music artist as a teenager, and a mother to twin girls… who had a lot of hair. She was always so gentle and patient when caring for our hair, so I guess I can add hairstylist as well.”

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