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Model Sydney Melman Delivers A Powerful Statement For Young Women’s Mental Health

By adminvertexpublic / Published on Saturday, 05 Dec 2020 23:19 PM / Comments Off on Model Sydney Melman Delivers A Powerful Statement For Young Women’s Mental Health / 65 views

Despite our ardent love for fashion, one of its devastating drawbacks is the flat, one dimensional space that it takes up: aesthetics.

With the innovation of digital media, fashion has had the opportunity to become more nuanced and multi dimensional, however for the “love of likes” many such possibilities have collapsed and instead spun-off a prevailing soft core type of Instagram pornography that’s finally evolved into Only Fans.

Thankfully there are diamonds in the rough in fashion whose viewpoints, perspectives, and aspirations are emerging to take the field in a more fascinating and impactful direction.

One of these fascinating and impactful outliers can be found in fashion model Sydney Melman, whose perspective is much more wrapped up into how women like herself can honor themselves and find support for what makes them unique in today’s world.

“Self love and believing in yourself is the drive that makes women powerful on their own,” she says. “Women can and should be self-made, stand on their principles, and should have respect turned towards them for their daily resolve.” Sydney elaborates.”

Sydney epitomizes a resolve that she’ll ultimately feel good about even before or without external validation. Many on the outside may point to that, and say, “Yeah, it may work for her because she’s so beautiful or fortunate to be in the position she’s in.” However, upon a closer look, it’s been anything but easy for Sydney.

“My confidence has turned away a lot of people and made it really tough at times to stick to my guns. Ultimately however, what allows me to stay strong and keep my resolve is putting my own opinion of myself first and treating that as the law I live by.”

Such is the sentiment all young women do in fact deserve to feel about themselves, should they, like Sydney be able to muster up the continual courage to put themselves first.

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