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Most Hated Soap Opera Couples Of 2018

By adminvertexpublic / Published on Tuesday, 30 Apr 2019 07:50 AM / No Comments / 157 views

As much as all soap opera fans all have their favorite super couples, there are daytime drama relationships out there that grate on viewers’ nerves as well. Whether it’s because audiences would like to see a hero/heroine with another character or because both people within the couple are villains, below are 12 of the most hated soap opera couples of 2018.

12. Nick and Sharon – Young and the Restless

This couple hits the bottom of the list because, as much as there are Shick haters out there, there is also a slew of fans behind these high school sweethearts. Regardless, Y&R fans can agree on one thing: Nick and Sharon still need to work on communication within their relationship, which keeps placing a wedge on reunion and marriage plans every time they come together.

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11. Valentin and Nina – General Hospital

Nina and Valentin have a ton of chemistry together, but most GH fans would agree that Cassadine is an underhanded liar that keeps messing things up. Nina deserves a whole lot better, considering all she’s been through in 2018. While these two make up and break up all the time, here’s hoping they both move on next year.

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10. Eric and Jennifer – Days of Our Lives

Two great Salem residents, who both have a heart of gold, and they really should have made it in 2018, but they didn’t. While JenEric look great together on paper, the two lacked chemistry. Perhaps that is because they both belong with other people at the end of the day. Eric’s soulmate will always be Nicole, and Jack owns Jenn’s heart now and forever.

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9. Arturo and Nikki – Young and the Restless

Can you really call their bedroom meetings at the Athletic Club a relationship? It’s hard to say. During Nikki and Victor’s “open relationship” phase, Nikki hooked up with rugged contractor Arturo and sparks flew between these two. That is until he met Abby. While Nikki did her best to try and stop Abby and Arturo from forming a bond, she was unsuccessful. These two make a way better couple in the long run.

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8. Rafe and Hope – Days of Our Lives

Hope and Rafe scream perfect super couple: both are good looking, street-smart, and passionate about their jobs and life. However, Days fans are so over the Rope couple. They hit a rocky patch earlier in the year, thanks to Rafe’s one-night stand with Sami, and while they were able to clear the air and move forward, many viewers wish they would just call it quits already. They simply don’t seem right for each other.

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7. Griffin and Ava – General Hospital

Speaking of, Ava and Griffin made a cute couple initially, and a softer side to Jerome began to emerge when she was with him. However, as we all know, you can’t change someone unless they want to change, and Ava managed to show her true colors by the time the summer hit this year. The relationship turned sour fast, and Griffin turned to Jerome’s daughter Kiki for comfort in the end.

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6. Stefan and Gabby – Days of Our Lives

From the moment he rolled into Salem, it was clear that Stefan had a huge crush on his brother’s wife Abigail. The bad news for him was that Abby was in love in Chad, but the good news was that she also suffered from some mental health issues where a split personality known as “Gabby” seemed to dig Stefan. Ironically enough, Stefan was willing to get Abby in bed any way he could, and didn’t seem to mind that an unstable personality liked him. The two hooked up for a brief moment before Abby came to her senses. Here’s hoping the truth comes out soon that Baby Charlotte is, in fact, Chad’s and not Stefan’s.

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5. Billy and Phyllis – Young and the Restless

Philly, as they are affectionately known by Internet fans, had a roller coaster of a year. They truly tried to hold onto their relationship, but Billy’s gambling addiction mixed in with Summer’s shenanigans and Phyllis’ one-night stand blew everything out of the water. Which seems like a good thing, these two were wrong for each other from the get-go.

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4. Xander and Nicole – Days of Our Lives

What was more shocking than Nicole’s return to Days this past fall, was the fact that Eric found her married to Xander Cook of all people. Clearly, this relationship was not based on any love, and it was hard for many fans to watch poor Nicole struggle, especially after all that she had been through.

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3. Tripp and Ciara – Days of Our Lives

Interestingly enough, Tripp and Ciara would have made a decent couple had a reformed Ben not entered the picture. All games were off once Ben and Ciara connected, and when it was revealed that Tripp had planted that evidence against Ben to have him hauled off to jail, Days fans were outraged. It was just one more reason why many wanted to see these two break up.

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2. Michael and Nelle – General Hospital

Thank goodness Nelle was exposed for the crazy little liar and schemer she was. Many GH fans couldn’t bear watching her continue to manipulate poor Michael and get away with all that she was pulling. Here’s hoping the truth about their son comes to fruition; however, it’s relief enough that Nelle is behind bars and Michael is free to move on.

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1. J.T. and Victoria – Young and the Restless

The J.T. murder storyline continues to heat up and is one of the best things about the Y&R right now. It was disturbing to watch a strong and confident woman like Vicky get emotionally, verbally, and physically abused the way she did with J.T., and many were hoping to see the two break up. What we ended up getting was a storyline filled with crime, cover-up, and suspense. J.T.’s gone, but his name still lingers, and this won’t go away until the truth about his disappearance comes out.

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