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Muay Thai Meets Globe-Trotting Romantic Drama in ‘Haymaker’ Trailer

By adminvertexpublic / Published on Thursday, 10 Dec 2020 08:55 AM / Comments Off on Muay Thai Meets Globe-Trotting Romantic Drama in ‘Haymaker’ Trailer / 86 views

A retired Muay Thai fighter-turned-bodyguard falls for the mysterious singer he’s protecting in the first trailer for the upcoming film Haymaker.

Written, directed and starring first-time director Nick Sasso, the film, set for release in theatres and on demand January 29th, stars Jessica 6 singer Nomi Ruiz alongside John Ventimiglia, Udo Kier, D.B. Sweeney and Zoë Bell (Death Proof). Blending an alluring love story with gripping, up-close fight scenes, the feature draws from its creators’ real-life pasts, with Sasso a Muay Thai student and Ruiz playing a popular singer.

The trailer highlights the film’s blend of fighting and drama alongside its globe-trotting element (Haymaker was filmed in Thailand, Greece, Mexico and New York, among other locations.)

“A few years ago, when I would tell people the raw story idea I was developing, ‘a retired fighter falls in love with a transgender pop star,’ literally everyone told me to ‘make that movie,’” Sasso said in a statement. “While I recognized I had an intriguing hook, I knew the movie could be about so much more — like acknowledging the human connections people need despite their difference, and the words and actions that go unsaid between people that mean so much more than we think. This movie is also about the art form that is Muay Thai, and finally seeing action moments in the ring on screen that feel authentic.”