New York Jets hire Nathaniel Hackett as offensive coordinator

Nathaniel Hackett

Nathaniel Hackett
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The New York Jets in 2023 will have a different quarterback than they did in 2022. I’m not a fan of the team, but even I’d be damned if the Jets decided to compete for the AFC East title with Joe Flacco, Mike White, or Zach Wilson again next year . Luckily, Gang Green is seen as leader for every known running back available during the upcoming offseason. According to OddsChecker USThe Jets are either the favorite or the second favorite to land Lamar Jacksonand Derek Carr. And while the San Francisco 49ers were given +250 odds to land Rodgers, the odds of him ending up in East Rutherford went from +750 to +350 in recent weeks.

If the Jets get No. 12, it will be Rodgers, not Tom Brady

The only star quarterback the Jets aren’t in the thick of the rumor mill is Tom Brady, but I’m sure Jets fans wouldn’t be too interested in getting their longtime nemesis, especially after arguably the weakest season of his illustrious career. Still, it’s unclear which of the star running backs tops the Jets’ priority list. Both Derek Carr and Rodgers are equally likely to be the team’s starters in Week 1. Then there’s Jimmy Garoppolo, who is given odds of +375 (21.1 percent chance). Jackson is fourth (+450, 18.2 percent chance), but that could just mean Jackson is more likely to re-sign with the Ravens or join another team. That doesn’t mean the Jets won’t drop everything in an attempt to sign the 2019 MVP.

However, news broke this morning about the new Jets offensive coordinator and it appeared to be that hints at where the Jets are looking.

Where Hackett comes in

Former Denver Broncos head coach Nathaniel Hackett will call the plays for the Jets in 2023. It seems like an odd decision, considering it’s the same man who turned Russell Wilson into Andy Dalton last season, but the questionable decision could be part of a bigger game. Before destroying Denver’s hope for a bright future, Hackett was the offensive coordinator in Green Bay. He was there for three years and led Aaron Rodgers to the NFC Championship in two of those three seasons and helped Rodgers win the MVP award in two of those three seasons. Despite Hackett not making the most of Wilson’s talent, it’s clear that he and Rodgers have a bond that brings out the best in each other.

Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers missed the playoffs last season for the first time since 2018. In other words, the last time Green Bay failed to make the postseason was their last season without Hackett (2018) and their first season without him (2022). Even if Hackett didn’t call the plays in Green Bay, I guarantee that Rodgers, who is now in the decline of his career, does not want to miss the playoffs again. He received lifetime accolades and plenty of franchise records. The only thing he’s missing is removing that chip on his shoulder, that nagging voice in the back of his head when people online tell him “He’s choking in the playoffs” or “He can’t win another Super Bowl.” Despite the title behind him, Rodgers needs one more to cement himself among the greatest players of all time, and returning to the man who helped him become back-to-back MVPs might be his best course of action.

(Even Joe Namath he said he would let the Jets retire his No. 12 for Rodgers.)

Funnily enough, this career is very reminiscent of another all-time great Packers back. Maybe after a year with the Jets, Rodgers goes to Minnesota. He may find himself embroiled in controversy later. Who knows? I’m just saying that this circumstance sounds awfully familiar, and at least the first step seems more and more realistic every day.

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