NFL bettors are picking the New York Giants to upset the Philadelphia Eagles

Saquon Barkley

Saquon Barkley
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Last week, sports bettors across America have picked the New York Giants to upset the Minnesota Vikings. According to OddsChecker US, 83.3 percent of bettors placed money on a Giants win last week. That’s crazy! Since then, bettors have cooled on the G-Men. Only 50 per cent of bets are placed on them to topple the Eagles this weekend. However, 13 percent of Super Bowl bets are placed on the Giants, as opposed to 5.6 percent in favor of the Eagles.

What are the chances?

The Giants enter this game as underdogs with 7.5 points. That seems massive — and it is — but the Giants have recently overcome worse odds. Big Blue beat the Packers earlier this year in London as an eight-point underdog. Meanwhile, the Eagles lost a game as 10-point favorites when they suffered their first loss of the season against the Washington Commanders. Basically, while Philly may be the heavy favorite, we’ve seen both teams involved in this contest get the opposite result than expected.

Sure, Daniel Jones may not be the most experienced playoff quarterback, but neither is Jalen Hurts. This is the second career postseason game for both players. Jones has a playoff win though; It doesn’t hurt. I’m not saying Jones is the better quarterback, I’m just pointing that fact out.

These teams know each other well

While divisional games are notoriously difficult to pick in the playoffs, the Eagles have been absolutely undrafted in recent years. The last victory of the Giants in Philadelphia was in 2013, and over the last 10 seasons, the G-Men are an abysmal 4-16 against Philly. The Eagles also beat New York twice this year, but one of those games came during the final week of the season, when New York had already established the NFC’s sixth seed. They didn’t play their rookies and still somehow managed to keep the game close, losing in the finals by just 22-16 in Philly. Maybe that’s all the confidence the team needs to go into this game with their heads held high, knowing they can beat these green birds.

Who wins?

On paper, the Eagles are clearly the better team. New York was not in the top 10 offenses. They weren’t a top-10 defense. Heck, they were just 2-7 against teams above .500. However, something is fishy about this game. There is an ominous tinge in the air. While I still pick Philadelphia, I don’t like people betting on the Giants. It’s incredibly difficult to beat the same team three times in one season — The San Francisco 49ers did it though by beating the Seahawks – and this weekend, the Giants could prove that statement correct.

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