NFL Pro Bowl mock with Tyler Huntley in place of Josh Allen

Tyler Huntley

Tyler Huntley
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The Pro Bowl has rarely been a true All-Star game. It is the only one in a major American professional sport that takes place after the season ends, rather than about halfway through. They are there there are no real roles to missing the Pro Bowl, unlike in the NHL, where skipping the All-Star Game, if healthy, triggers an automatic one-game suspension. The enjoyable nature of the Pro Bowl in Hawaii, the production of some kind of teacher of the year and the true spectacle of the season finale of each NFL season is lost, despite all the skill contests taking place this year. It’s undeniable that the league gives less crap about this game. And the replacement of Josh Allen with Tyler Huntley is just further proof. Wondering who Huntley is? Great question!

Two touchdown passes are caught and QB a A Pro Bowl nod?

If the NFL wanted to give fans a reason to laugh today, great job. Having a quarterback who has thrown two touchdown passes all season on the AFC roster proves that. Not really distract from bottomless service in the AFC Championship Game, but it’s an attempt to change the subject. How many quarterbacks must have turned down a trip to the Pro Bowl for Huntley, who finished in the top seven-tied for 48th in touchdown passes this season, make it? Huntley has thrown as many touchdown passes this season as David Blough and Taysom Hill, a whopping two! He is one of the best in the league!

Lamar Jackson-Baltimore Ravens drama

There was a ton of drama about it The Ravens and their running back situation. Baltimore is desperate to keep Lamar Jackson and will likely have to break the bank to do so. And if you mean more than a a dozen teams in the NFL they wouldn’t change their entire payroll to sign jackson, you’d be wrong. And yet, now with the Pro Bowl Huntley’s réSumé, it doesn’t change anything. That’s how important the NFL’s All-Star Game is. Putting it in the week between the conference championship games and the Super Bowl was always a mistake. Adding a bunch of skill competition isn’t a bad move, but please point out one Ravens fan who isn’t delusional and will join in on any Pro Bowl celebration now that Huntley is part of the showcase. What a needle mover!

How iconic are some Pro Bowl moments? Giving Jeff Saturday one last chance to pass the ball to Peyton Manning before retirement, despite being selected in the all-conference competition, is one thing. What about Sean Taylor’s introduction to the league with legal, strong hit about former Bills quarterback Brian Moorman? Those moments are in the past, and we’ll probably never see anything memorable from the Pro Bowl again. But hey, quarterbacks with two touchdown passes this season who didn’t touch the field until last month can participate! hooray!

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