Plane collides with bus at LAX, four hospitalized

The Los Angeles Fire Department reported Friday that an American Airlines plane collided with a bus at LAX International Airport.

The collision occurred late on Friday evening, and four passengers were hospitalized.

The LAFD reported that the crash occurred at very low speeds due to the fact that the American Airlines plane was being towed from the gate to the parking lot.

While the plane was being towed, a bus hit it, causing the bus driver, two passengers on the bus and the driver of the tow truck to be hospitalized.

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A worker on the plane was also injured but refused to go to the hospital.

Here are the consequences:

Accidents on the asphalt have been increasing in the last few months.

In January, a JetBlue plane crashed into another parked plane at JFK International Airport.

Last Christmas, The Gateway Pundit reported that 160 passengers on a JetBlue flight were evacuated after the plane caught fire at JFK Airport.

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