President Trump calls out the “No Growth Club” and Karl Rove

Just a day after President Trump hit the campaign trail in New Hampshire and South Carolina, the 45th president would take Truth Social and throw a few jabs at the “No Growth Club.”

President Trump shared the truth yesterday:

People are wasting their money if they support Karl Rove or the Club For No Growth. The “club” was only successful when they asked to work with me on Recommendations. We never lost, but we split because of JD Vance. They said he couldn’t win and spent a fortune to prove their point. Advertisements never end! I said he would win, backed him, and he got a big win, and against a tough opponent. I then proceeded to do the same against them, ending up with 233 WINS out of 253 races in the General Election!

TRENDY: FULL: SCARY – The Arizona regime is investigating Kari Lake and trying to imprison her on felony charges for enforcing the first amendment and exposing election fraud

Trump was referring to The Club For Growth, a conservative organization with ties to Karl Rove and others.

Then President Trump shared another truth about “the club”:

The Club For No Growth is a GLOBALIST group that I have been running for years. We worked together for a while, but they couldn’t get away from China, Europe, Asia and part of the unknown. They know I won’t play that game, I’m America First. THIS IS THE ONLY WAY WE WILL MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. Ron DeSanctimonious, who I made governor of both the Primary School and the General School, is also a globalist, as are his donors. Jeb “Low Energy” Bush was by his side last week. Check out the PAST!

President Trump does not like Karl Rove, and running for JD Vance in the Senate was apparently his last straw in working with the elite group.

President Trump also took the opportunity to emphasize that DeSantis was connected to this group.

DeSantis has yet to confirm or deny that he is running for president in 2024.

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