Prof. Franciska Coleman (Wisconsin) on “The Anatomy of a Quit Culture,” now in the Journal of Free Speech Law

From the summary; read the whole article here:

In this paper, I engage in a qualitative investigation of how social regulation of speech functions in practice on university campuses and the extent to which social regulation in practice confirms or undermines the stereotypes and caricatures that characterize the wars between dismissal culture.

First, I will summarize the two narratives that underlie public debates about the social regulation of speech – the culture of consequences and the culture of cancellation. I then describe the social regulation of speech and its five stages: dissemination, accusation, mockery, sanction, and direct action.

I explain how these five stages are reflected in the speech events under study and to what extent their real-world features challenge or support the narratives of dismissal culture and consequence culture. I conclude by suggesting further research on the implications of this stage framework for efforts to balance universities’ dual commitments to free speech and inclusive community on their campuses.

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