Residents of Joe Biden’s America in the liberal utopia of Austin fight over food thrown into dumpsters

Austin, Texas is hailed by leftists as a liberal utopia “trapped” in a red state.

They favor gun control, vowing last summer to “explore every option” to try to raise the minimum age to purchase semi-automatic weapons.

Condoms are distributed to elementary school students for Easter.

They are supporting a pilot ‘guaranteed income’ program to citizens classified as facing ‘extreme hardship’ by giving $1,000 a month for a year.

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They like lecturing school kids to wear masks and telling rednecks to stay home, even if they like to sneak off for a little R&R in Cabo.

They march through the streets for May Day in honor of communist mass murders.

Sounds like a liberal utopia.

But in Biden’s economy, even utopias suffer. A video shared by a local news outlet shows Austin residents fighting over food dumped in a dumpster at HEB.

Fox 7 Austin reports:

People were seen fighting over food in a dumpster at the South Austin HEB store at William Cannon and I-35 yesterday.

Witnesses say employees were seen throwing away meat and other perishable foods after the store’s power went out.

Someone posted on social media claiming that there was free food at the store.

Travis Precinct 4 Officer George Morales says more than 250 people showed up at HEB and fought over discarded groceries.

Deputies and Austin police showed up to ease traffic for the fast.

Food items taken from the dumpster were posted on various “Free in Austin” Facebook pages.

Morales says if you or anyone you know has picked up these groceries, throw them away. They are not safe to eat.

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