Russia attacks a Ukrainian armored vehicle with a kamikaze drone

Ukrainian Armour, a private company specializing in the design and production of modern armored vehicles and weapons, released a video of its Novator armored vehicle that was allegedly damaged by a Russian Lancet drone.

“This is what Novator looks like after the Lancet enemy drone attack,” the company posted on its Facebook page.

Ukrainian Armor says the crew survived after their Novator armored vehicle was hit by a Russian Lancet hovercraft, sometimes called a ‘kamikaze’ drone, near Bahmut.


According to a statement from the company’s representative, the armored car will undergo restoration and will soon return to the battlefield.

Novator is a 4×4 light tactical vehicle based on a high mobility chassis. It is a modern light armored vehicle designed and manufactured by Ukrainian Armour, a Ukrainian manufacturer of defense vehicles.

The vehicle has the capacity to accommodate five people in a reconnaissance configuration and can carry eight to ten passengers in a personnel transport configuration.

The gross vehicle weight (GVW) of the armored personnel carrier is 8,845 kg, while its maximum carrying capacity and maximum combat weight are 1,845 kg and 7,945 kg, respectively.

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