Russian-Ukrainian War: List of Key Events, Day 356 | News

As the Russian-Ukrainian war enters its 356th day, we take a look at the main events.

Here is the situation on Tuesday, February 14, 2023:


  • The Ukrainian military reported Russian shelling along the entire front and said 16 settlements near Bakhmut were bombed.
  • The positions in Bakhmut have been fortified and only those with a military role are allowed to enter, while any civilians who still want to leave the city will have to brave the incoming fire, the battalion’s deputy commander said on Monday.
  • Bakhmut is a top target of Russian President Vladimir Putin, and its capture would give Russia a new foothold in the Donetsk region and a rare victory after months of setbacks.
  • The United Nations human rights office said Monday it had recorded 7,199 civilian deaths and 11,756 wounded since Russia’s February 24 invasion, mostly from shelling and rocket and air strikes. However, the actual figure is believed to be far higher.


  • Ukraine is meeting consumers’ energy needs after making repairs to the power grid following the latest wave of Russian airstrikes, Energy Minister German Galushchenko said. Galushchenko said emergency repairs had been completed following Friday’s Russian attacks that hit energy facilities.


  • NATO defense ministers are scheduled to meet in Brussels on Tuesday and Wednesday. NATO plans to increase its ammunition stockpile targets, Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said, adding that the alliance had completed a survey of remaining stockpiles.
  • Moldova’s president has accused Russia of planning to use foreign saboteurs to topple her country’s leadership, prevent it from joining the European Union and use it in the war against Ukraine. Last year, Russia denied that it wanted to intervene in Moldova.
  • The United States has told its citizens to leave Russia immediately because of the war in Ukraine and the risk of arbitrary arrest or harassment by Russian law enforcement agencies.
  • International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach said his organization was not on the wrong side of history after opening the door for Russian and Belarusian athletes to participate in next year’s Summer Games in Paris.

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