Shannon Sharpe apologizes for the bizarre speech on the Lakers sideline

WTF is going on at Undisputed these days?

WTF is going on at Undisputed these days?
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Shannon Sharpe side tirade directed towards The Memphis Grizzlies flipped retired NFL tight end i Undisputed co-host in a trendy figure during Friday night’s NBA game on ESPN. Sharpe’s altercation with the Grizzlies just before halftime detracted from an otherwise entertaining game, and on Monday’s show, Sharpe opened up Undisputed with an apology for his behavior.

During a three-minute opening mea culpa, Sharpe apologized to fans, Jeanie Buss, the Lakers organization, the Grizzlies, Dillon Brooks, Ja Morant, LeBron James, his network and even his stylist for the unwanted attention.

His sincerity was in stark contrast to his childishness unapologetic Skip Bayless delivered two weeks ago for his callous Damar Hamlin tweet. Sharpe’s attempt to take on the entire Grizzlies team, a new take on man vs. bear (I’m taking the man), turned the host into a polarizing figure.

After that, LeBron James jumped to the defense “unk” at his post-match press conference telling the assembled media: “I ride with Shannon 365 days – 366 in a leap year – 24/7. So that’s my guy. I always had his back. And he has mine. He can talk to the best of them, for sure.”

WTA as usual, fireworks from Undisputed the co-hosts were good for the visibility of their show. Still, there’s no doubt that if the host wasn’t a celebrity fan, he probably wouldn’t have been on the field for the rest of the game.

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