Should Brian Kelly pay LSU back $1 million

Brian Kelly

Brian Kelly
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Louisiana State University (LSU) reopened the college football coaching market in 2021 when they signed former Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly 10-year contract, $95 million. Kelly responded by winning 10 games in his first season in Baton Rouge, highlighted by a home win over Alabama and an appearance in the SEC Championship Game. This is the work of a man who deserves a generous tip. So why is Kelly returning the extra $1 million that LSU gave him?

Only rich people can shrug off seven-figure clerical errors.

According to a recent revisionsomeone in Baton Rouge messed up and gave Kelly an additional $1,001,368how someone forgot to stop transferring the money to his bank account instead of the LLC in his name.

This is why you should always check your bills, even if you have automatic bill pay.

Given that Kelly paid twice, the parties reached an agreement in which he technically gets to keep the money because he signed on to a shortened payment schedule until the school gets their money back.

Dollars and sense

The debate over whether or not Kelly did the right thing by “returning the money” was just a hook to get you to click/read this story. Because what I really want to discuss is how Kelly’s situation is an example of how people never seem to care about the money college coaches make, but then they’ll turn around and lose their shit when it comes to NO money.

Don’t you find it funny that no one batted an eyelid when it was announced earlier this week that he was the head football coach at Tennessee Josh Heupel extended his contract came with a raise that will pay him $9 million a year?

But still, people behaved as if the world was going to end because Jaden Rashad he had the business sense to request a release from his letter of intent to play at Florida after a Failed NIL contract worth $13 million. The highly touted quarterback will have plenty of suitors as he wants to make the best business decision for himself and his family — the same line coaches use when they switch jobs for better pay.

And if you don’t want to receive this message for me or think it’s overblown, here it is link from NPR featuring Nicole Auerbach, senior writer for Athletic, describes how it is The NCAA practically begged Congress to help them with the NIL because a non-profit agency like the NCAA – which brings in a billion dollars a year in revenue – is in a state of hysteria because college athletes are making too much money for their liking.

Brian Kelly did the Christian thing by making sure LSU reimbursed the extra million they accidentally gave him. But the real thing that Christians should do would be for Christians who play college sports to turn around a system that is built on injustice, unfair labor practices, and cruelty.

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