Some of the illegal immigrants from New York sent to Canada are returning because it is too cold

It was recently reported that New York is giving some illegal immigrants taxpayer-funded bus tickets to Canada. Some of them took the job because they were appalled by the level of crime in New York.

Well, I guess they didn’t tell these people what Canada was like in the winter because some took one look and decided to go back.

This situation reaches an incredible level of absurdity.

The Daily Mail reported:

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NO Canada! Migrants who were bused north of NYC for free are TURNING BACK after becoming frustrated with weather conditions one blames for ‘lots of snow’

However, just days after reports surfaced that some of the passengers were fleeing New York due to ‘drugs’ and homelessness, a few are having second thoughts – with some rejecting the offer outright because there is ‘a lot of snow’ in the country.

Speaking to the CBC, Ilze Thielmann, director of a New York nonprofit that has already helped transport migrants from New York to Montreal, tried to explain the phenomenon, saying many arrived expecting better access to jobs and health care, while others were simply turned off by the cold. conditions.

“They think there are all these jobs up there,” Thielmann, 56, told a Canadian television station on Tuesday about the reality currently imposed on foreigners, many of whom have been in the US for much of the year.

She added that instead of facing the rest of the Canadian winter – which will only last another month – the migrants, already fed up with the conditions, are deciding to turn their tails back to New York City.

‘They think that they will be able to get asylum very easily up there, and that is simply not the case.’

Hot Air’s Karen Townsend adds this:

When leaders like Pierre Trudeau and Joe Biden virtue signal that sanctuary cities and states welcome illegal migrants, the migrants listen. They expect to travel to the United States and receive all the taxpayer-funded benefits to make their lives comfortable. There are expectations. Now the cold weather is also a reason for complaints. You can’t make these things up.

Single male migrants would probably prefer to stay in a Manhattan hotel room where taxpayers are charged up to $450 per night instead of a large migrant shelter. Who wouldn’t? The sense of entitlement is what irritates.

How did these people not know that Canada is cold in the winter? Have they never seen a map of North America?

You couldn’t make this up.

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