South Carolina Dem Clyburn sent six figures in campaign cash to relatives

One of Joe Biden’s biggest cheerleaders, South Carolina Democratic Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC), took a page right out of the Biden union’s playbook and funneled six figures of campaign money to his son-in-law and grandson.

Clyburn, who has served in Congress for thirty years, has already endorsed Joe Biden’s candidacy in 2024, telling CBS News, “I’m all in for President Biden. I think he has shown, in these two years… that he deserves re-election. And I believe he will be re-elected no matter who the Republicans put in place.”

Fox News reports:

The congressman’s longtime campaign generosity included giving tens of thousands of dollars to a company associated with his son-in-law. He also sent nearly $100,000 to his grandson, Federal Election Commission records show.

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Although it is legal for federal politicians to pay family members from their campaigns, ethics experts generally disapprove of the practice. Nevertheless, both political parties took advantage of the privilege.

Clyburn’s family payments in the last election cycle included $57,500 to 49 Magnolia Blossom LLC for rent expenses, filings show. That company has close ties to his daughter, Jennifer Clyburn Reed.

According to South Carolina business records, Clyburn Reed’s husband, Walter A Reed, is the limited liability company’s registered agent.

Clyburn also paid $94,000 to his grandson Walter AC Reed during the midterm election cycle for “campaign management fees,” his filings show.

Clyburn has not faced a legitimate threat to his House seat since entering Congress in 1993 and has easily cruised through re-election in the Palmetto State’s 6th Congressional District.

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