Space burials are on the rise

Recent years have seen an increase in space burials in New Zealand, Great Britain and the United States.

Companies like Beyond Burial, Aura Flights, and Celestis have been flying the ashes of loved ones into space for several years, and surprisingly, it’s not as expensive as you might think.

Celestis, based in Houston, Texas, has a space burial package that will send a person’s ashes into space and bring them back for $2,995.

In Celestis’ Earth Orbit package, they will attach a loved one’s ashes to a satellite that will then orbit the Earth for several years.

The Luna company provides a package that will even bring ash to the surface of the moon.

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See how the process unfolds here:

Considering the national average for a regular burial is about $7,800, sending your ashes into space isn’t as expensive as you might think.

So far, Celestis has sent more than 1,700 ashes into space.

It’s not just the ashes of the wealthy elite that are sent into space.

John Hutton, a US Air Force veteran of the Vietnam War, had his body sent into space last year by space burial company Beyond Burials.

As more cemeteries become crowded and landowners in local cities are unable to obtain the necessary permits to operate a cemetery, space burials and cremations may be an important burial option in the future.

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