Steve Bannon on the War Room

“We are heading towards kinetic warfare” – Steve Bannon

Steve Bannon had Ed Dowd in his war room. They started with a discussion about the economy, but the topic quickly turned to the kinetic war with China.

Dowd shared:

I’ve talked to some capital markets guys, some hedge fund guys, and they think a kinetic war is coming. It solves many problems. It takes the vaccine problem off the map. It removes all kinds of defaults from the map and you can consolidate power under Marshall Law. This is what people think… World War III is on the table…

TRENDY: Here is a list of US military bases in the path of the Chinese spy balloon as it traveled over the continental United States

When you think about the vaccine problem, when you think about the debt problem, it comes into focus that the system wants war.

Bannon responded with the following:

Folks, this is 1937. We’re headed for kinetic warfare. Let’s go with obstacles towards kinetic warfare. I mean kinetic warfare, and this is not Afghanistan. It’s not Iraq and it’s not Kuwait.

This is the big league. This is China, CCP and Russia. Our two allies. The Chinese people and the Russian people were our allies in World War II. Our allies took the greatest responsibility for that…

…Now because of this corrupt administrative state and the deep state and the incompetence and corruption of the Biden regime. Let’s go with obstacles towards kinetic warfare. And this kinetic war will be devastating. And if you think you can hide from it, I wish the good people of Montana woke up today…now we know 1/3 of the ICBMs are up in the great north….

…If you think your head is blowing up, you have a spy balloon over the United States, and we’re not doing anything about it. We’re kind of talking about it… Shoot the fucking thing and shoot it now. And tell the Chinese, if you ever send another one up there, we’ll shoot at some other stuff.

Watch this historic wartime speech below.

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