Thales secures contract for GM200 radars for Ukraine

Thales Group, one of the largest defense contractors in Europe, has announced that it has received an order to supply the entire short-range air defense system, including the Ground Master 200 radar, to Ukraine.

“On Wednesday, February 1, 2023, French Defense Minister S√©bastien Lecornu and his Ukrainian counterpart Oleksiy Reznikov met at the Thales site in Limours, south of Paris, a center of excellence for air defense in Europe, to sign a contract to supply a complete system short-range air defenses, including the Ground Master 200 radar, to help protect Ukraine,” the statement said.

As noted by the company, the contract signed by the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, the French Ministry of Defense and Thales covers the delivery of complete short-range air defense systems, including the GM200 radar, a command and control center, a radio communication system and air target designators.


The GM200 and other surface-to-air radars in the Ground Master family offer an effective response to the types of threats Ukraine faces, which include drones and long-range threats such as cruise missiles, helicopters and fighter jets.

According to French media, Ukraine will receive 2 medium-range GM200 radars along with a SAMP/T truck-based tactical anti-missile system designed to combat cruise missiles, manned and unmanned aircraft and tactical ballistic missiles.

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