The best games for All-Star week, February 13

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When: Sunday, February 19, 8:00 PM EST

Where to watch: TNT

Yes, many stars will not be healthy enough to play. Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant and Zion Williamson will not take the floor. It’s a shame, but great talent will take their place.

De’Aaron Fox will participate in his first all-star game as will Anthony Edwards. For those who don’t have a League Pass and don’t live in any of their metropolitan areas, trust me, they’ll be putting on a show on Sunday.

The NBA made a lot of unnecessary changes to this game. While those changes have brought benefits, they haven’t revolutionized NBA All-Star weekend. Whether Sunday’s game is East vs. West or the top vote-getters pick their teammates like they’re in the schoolyard, the feeling of taking over the game remains.

And that’s what makes this weekend the best all-star weekend on the sports calendar. It’s a time when fans can see the best in sports doing their best outside of their contractual obligations to the team.

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