The Chiefs need Patrick Mahomes to be a legacy-defining great

Patrick Mahomes is looking to become the first major league MVP to win a Super Bowl in the same season since Kurt Warner in 1999.

Patrick Mahomes is looking to become the first major league MVP to win a Super Bowl in the same season since Kurt Warner in 1999.
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Super Bowl LVII is almost here, and if you’re like any objective observer, you’ve been staring at this to match on paper for so long that you guess the second, triple and quadruple yourself. The line hasn’t moved at all since it settled in Eagles -1.5and that should tell you one thing: Smark your initial thoughts.

The betting the trends haven’t been enough to sway the oddsmakers one way or the other, and Vegas doesn’t seem to want to write off Kansas City Chiefs cause of Patrick Mahomes variable. So be careful because that’s exactly what sharp objects do.

With that said, line shows that a case can be made for both teams, and that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

Philadelphia leads and doesn’t look back

My initial feeling was Philly will roll. They rarely lost these years when they were healthy and hard, and the playoffs were no different. Both of the Birds’ playoff games were over before halftime, and when Philly gains momentum, it’s literally all downhill for opponents.

The defensive line is a bear to deal with when the opposition is one-dimensional and they like to attack the quarterback. Philly led the NFL in sacks this season with 70, and he did it mostly with the front four. They are in the bottom half of the league in blitz percentage, and that will help them maintain their already difficult position Mostlyes and that KC offense featured methodical, long drives.

If I Nick Sirianni, and I get the toss, take the ball and try to put the Chiefs in a behind position from the rebound. Eagles’ the attack is so diverse that they are almost impossible to stop when they can use the entire playbook.

Add the threat of Jalen Hurts in the running game and defense the only hope is that field position will deter the Eagles from attempting a fourth downand-short. This Philly team absolutely loves thug squads, and after a bunch of body shots, then they hit you with big moves AJ Brown and FromHe’s being pulled by Smith.

They are as confident as they are intimidating and exude the vibe of a group that could win the title largely untested. And that might just be because few, if any, teams were good enough for it actually compete with them.

Kansas City keeps him close and Mahomes goes full Rambo

The prevailing argument I’ve seen against Philly is that they won up to a a bunch of half-breed QBs the whole year, i Mahomes is a purebred. I agree. He just won his second MVPand that should not be doubted after beating Cincinnati on one leg.

The second most impressive aspect of that win against The Bengals were the Chiefs’ defense. Joe Burrow had the ball twice late in the fourth quarter with a chance to take the lead, and the KC secondary made a play, and shortly after Chris Jones and the defensive line. A D-line that, by the way, is second in the NFL in sacks (albeit 15 short of the Eagles’ 70).

Jones and Frank Clark the title of that unit, which is why it is talked about a lot. However, they actually finished eighth in rushing defense, and that will be the key for them. Burrow and Josh Allen giving Kansas City because of his legs — whether it was Burrow struggling for big conversions two weeks ago, or Allen with the death of a thousand designed QB runs. I imagine something Philly will do.

There was speculation about it It hurts it still hurts but this is it Super Bowl, so I don’t think it will deter him too much from using his legs. Mahomes’ mobility is my main concern in Kansas City. Ask Brock Purdy if that Eagles front four is screwing around. I don’t know if Mahomes can even be full Rambo with that ankle, and he is a foul.

While Isiah Pacheco and the offensive line was huge, Andy Reid hates dribbling the ball. Philly knows that as well as anyone. He can try to make quick passes and protect his QB, but New York Giants and San Francisco 49ers tried it, and both raced. The Eagles will be dry Travis Kelce everywhere State Farm Stadium field, i Mahomes he will have to be even better than he was in AFC title game. If it does, it will be a god-level fullback, and that’s just to stay close, let alone win.

That’s what I’m rooting for because it would be fantastic to watch, and, you know, screw the Eagles. Anyway, if I had to put money on itPhilly covers in his sleep.

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