The Dallas Mavericks have shown interest in Bojan Bogdanović and the guard of the Atlanta Hawks

The Dallas Mavericks are looking for improvements as Thursday’s NBA trade deadline approaches. With the addition of another high-rotation player, there’s a chance Dallas can start to figure this thing out.

Dallas (28-25), which is fourth in the Western Conference, still has the talent to make a possible move. Their forward, Dorian Finney-Smith will reportedly be traded by the deadline.

Dallas is reportedly in the running for Detroit Pistons forward Bojan Bogdanovic and Atlanta Hawks guard Bogdan Bogdanovic. Yahoo Sports reported:

“They also want Detroit’s Bojan Bogdanovic and Atlanta’s Bogdan Bogdanovic — they’re desperate and determined to find help for Luka Doncic before he passes out from the exhaustion of running that franchise.”

Bojan Bogdanović is having a career year and could be a huge success for the Dallas Mavericks. The veteran is averaging 21.4 points per game and is shooting an efficient 48.7%, including 41.6% from 3-point range at high volume (5.9 shots per game).

A guy who could catch and shoot alongside Luka Dončić would certainly be helpful. Even then, they could bench him and let him lead the offense for about 20 minutes a night. Maybe Dončić could also have a night or two off so they can prepare him for the playoffs.

Either way, Bogdanović would start if Dallas wanted to get the most out of them. He might not score 20 a night in Dallas, but at least the Mavericks know he can if he ever needs to.

Bogdan Bogdanović is an interesting name to follow. Several teams will likely be interested in him coming off their bench because he is an elite three-point shooter. The percentages have dipped a bit over the past two years, but he’s still shooting 37.4% from beyond the arc and could be another help for Dallas.

The Dallas Mavericks have moves to make. With reports that they are involved in disgruntled Brooklyn Nets guard Kyrie Irving, we could see them push through a deal. Despite this, they have to come to an agreement to keep Luka Dončić happy.

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