The deranged Pence and Pelosi got what they wanted – protection for Pence from his dealings with Congress, but not from his dealings with President Trump

The openly religious Mike Pence, President Trump’s turnaround vice president, received the request he sought from the court last week. He is now protected from his actions related to Congress on January 6, but not from his actions surrounding President Trump as vice president.

It’s all part of the setup for President Trump on January 6th. Trump’s Vice President Pence got what he wanted.

The far-left Politico published the court decision last week.

A federal judge’s secret order on Tuesday requiring Mike Pence to testify about aspects of Donald Trump’s attempt to subvert the 2020 election was also an unprecedented ruling on the vice president himself.

It is the first time in US history that a federal judge has ruled that vice presidents – like presidents – are entitled to some form of immunity from prying investigators.

But unlike the president, who derives all his power from the executive branch, vice presidents have immunity from Congress, U.S. District Court Chief Judge James Boasberg ruled. That’s because vice presidents—though usually seen as mere agents of the president—are constitutionally required to serve as president of the Senate. And congressional officials, like lawmakers and their associates, enjoy immunity rooted in a provision of the Constitution known as the “speech or debate” clause, which aims to protect Congress from law enforcement investigations related to their official duties.

The vice president’s role as president of the Senate has become almost entirely ceremonial, with the occasional exception of casting the deciding vote and—every four years—presiding over the counting of electoral votes after a presidential election. Vice presidents have long suggested they should enjoy legal protections afforded by Congress, but Boasberg’s ruling is the first time a court has extended so-called speech or debate immunity to a vice president.

Experts say the ruling — which remains under seal but was described to POLITICO by a person familiar with its outlines — is an important breakthrough into thorny, unresolved questions about vice presidential power.

For context, Boesberg is Obama’s judge. He also oversees a DC court full of corrupt Obama judges. Because of this, the DC court, like the courts in other big cities, went to hell. Obama’s judges don’t judge based on the law, they judge based on far left political beliefs.

What is the reason for keeping this judgment secret? It is clear that this Obama judge is trying to hide something, a common corrupt tactic of corrupt Obama judges.

One Nasty Deep State NYT reporter was pleased with Boesberg’s ruling:

Sure, President Trump didn’t commit crimes, but that doesn’t stop the corrupt media from fueling the possibility that he did. The corrupt deep state has been trying to put anything criminal on his record since the Obama administration. It didn’t work.

What this article notes is that Pence did not fight for executive privilege for his actions with President Trump, only for his actions with Pelosi, which Obama’s judge granted.

Boesberg’s secret decision reportedly prevents Pence from revealing his dealings with Pelosi and the Deep State on January 6. This will protect Pence and the Deep State.

As previously reported, Congress needed a crisis to prevent demands not to certify the 2020 election on January 6. This crisis then forced Congress into an emergency session that prevented any proposals to vote that day on non-certification of the results in any state.

Pence was part of this venture because it was necessary for him to be removed from his position in the Senate that day so that the emergency session could take effect.

EXPLOSIVE: 2020 election theft called for ‘state of emergency’ on January 6 to complete coup

Because Pence doesn’t have to

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