The establishment is behind the awakened revolution (VIDEO)

Conservative scholar Victor Davis Hanson has become a leading voice in conservative politics in recent years.

His analysis of our current political environment is second to none.

If you’ve been wondering who’s leading the wake revolution that’s taken over almost everything, Hanson has the answer. It’s the whole institution.

From FOX News:

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The establishment is leading a ‘top-down, awakened revolution’: Victor Davis Hanson

Unlike the free-spirited days of the 1960s, when proverbial revolutionaries on the left fought the establishment, the front line in today’s “awakened revolution” is the establishment itself, according to historian Victor Davis Hanson.

Hanson, a senior fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution, told “Life, Liberty & Levin” in an interview aired Sunday that the entity that received the arrows in the culture wars is now throwing them itself.

“If you look at the ’60s, people were marching in front of the campus president’s office demanding change. Now it’s the campus president who is suppressing free speech,” Hanson said, citing a Norman Mailer novel that describes a planned march on the Pentagon by people demanding social change.

“But [now]The Pentagon has inaugurated everything from subsidized transgender surgeries to hunting alleged ‘white rage’ and white supremacy in the ranks on its own accord.”

Watch the video below:

This is the VDH essay mentioned in the video:

The establishment is a revolution

The current left has no intention of “falling away”. Why would?

He now controls the very American institutions he once mocked and attacked – corporate governance, Wall Street, state and local prosecutors, most big city governments, the media, the Pentagon, network and most cable news, professional sports, Hollywood, music, television, K-12 education and academia.

In other words, the greatest levers of influence and power—money, education, entertainment, government, news, and popular culture—are in the hands of the left. They turned a legitimate debate about gay marriage into a hate crime. Transgenderism has gone from a modern manifestation of ancient transvestism or gender dysphoria to a true litmus test of whether someone is good or evil.

Students have no need to clog the administrators’ offices because the administrators themselves are as radical as the protesters and are often led in a top-down fashion. If they hadn’t shown long ago that they were perfectly willing to undermine meritocracy, freedom of expression and equality before the law, they wouldn’t be in their current positions.

Apple, Google, Facebook, and other tech companies aren’t the “alternative” media geeks and hipsters of the 1980s and 1990s creating cool gadgets for people. They are not Steve Jobs and his belligerent Apple battling the evil Microsoft or IBM, or the 1984 Macintosh ad showing a maverick throwing a hammer at Big Brother’s screen. They are Orwellian screen.

Hanson is a brilliant man. He would make an excellent Secretary of Education in the next Republican administration.

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