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‘The First Time’ With Alison Brie

By adminvertexpublic / Published on Saturday, 25 Jul 2020 11:55 AM / Comments Off on ‘The First Time’ With Alison Brie / 73 views

Actress Alison Brie discusses working with her husband, Dave Franco, on his new horror movie The Rental, some of her biggest TV roles and the insane amount of stress she felt working at a frozen yogurt shop in the latest installment of Rolling Stone’s The First Time.

Franco wrote and directed The Rental, and Brie talks about how enjoyable it was to watch him sink into the project — from writing the script to working with him on set. “The actor/director relationship is so much about trust and when you’re working for a director you don’t trust, it’s just a horrible position to be in as an actor,” Brie says with a laugh. “And, you know, there’s nobody that I trust more in the world — in every sense — but also, knew he would just be such a good director because he’s been so meticulous always about everything that he works on.”

Brie went on to discuss some of her biggest roles, including Community and Glow. She spoke about the surreal moment she learned there was a secret room filled with NBC execs watching them film the Community pilot, and what it was like to wrestle in front of people while filming the Glow pilot. Prior to shooting that first episode, Brie says she and her castmates were still getting used to the physical nature of wrestling, but their coach on the show assured them that their nerves would disappear the moment they started doing it for an audience.

“The adrenaline boost, that’s what’s addictive,” Brie says. “And sure enough — I mean it was a room full of background actors who are paid to cheer us on — but, I’ve never felt anything like it. We got in the ring, and they called action and Betty [Gilpin] and I… I mean, I felt like I could’ve lifted up a car!”

Despite all her work in Hollywood, though, Brie said one of the most stressful jobs she’s ever had was her first — serving frozen yogurt at a store with a very hectic work environment. “There was really loud, fun music playing and we had to be super high energy — it was such a stressful job!” Brie remembers. “I feel like when I finally quit, I was in tears!”