“The most consistent election in 2023.” – The Wisconsin Supreme Court election is April 4

A high-stakes election takes place in Wisconsin on April 4.

Former Justice Daniel Kelly (R) and Justice Janet Protasiewicz (R) are vying to replace Justice Patience Roggensack (R) on the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

The election will decide the ideological composition of the court.

Voter registration, school choice, parents’ rights, fair elections and medical freedom are at stake.

Scott Presler called it “the most consequential election of 2023.”

The Washington Examiner reported:

The April 4 contest between Judge Janet Protasiewicz (D) and former judge Daniel Kelly (D) broke spending records and is likely to determine the ideological makeup of the court and could even play a role in the 2024 presidential election.

Officials from both parties say the outcome of the contest could lead to major changes in how Supreme Court races are conducted in the 21 other states where judges are elected by voters.

The election, nonpartisan in name only, gives liberals a chance at a 4-3 majority in a state that has been dominated by Republicans for 15 years.

A huge amount of money was spent on this race.

Hill reported:

Millions of dollars are being spent in the race, and Protasiewicz’s campaign is far outpacing Kelly’s fundraising.

Campaign filing reports released Monday showed Kelly’s campaign raised roughly $2.2 million between Feb. 7 and March 20, while Protasiewicz’s campaign raised close to $12.4 million in the same time frame. One analysis of the race by WisPolitics.com published Wednesday suggests that spending in the race approaches close to $45 million when spending by outside groups is included.

The huge amount of money spent in the race underscores Wisconsin’s status as one of a handful of key battleground states for both Democrats and Republicans. Party control remains divided within the state, although Republicans enjoy a legislative advantage. Wisconsin has a Democratic governor and both parties in the Senate.

The state also has a GOP-dominated state legislature, and Wisconsin’s congressional delegation in the House of Representatives has a 6-2 Republican majority.

Get out and vote!

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