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The Owner Of Instagram’s Most Enviable Chanel Bag Collection Shares 2021 Accessory Predictions

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Marci Hirshleifer-Penn is a go-to for all things styling and to find out what’s dernier cri—both at luxury retail haven Hirshleifers and on her colorful Instagram feed. We caught up with the fifth generation Hirshleifer stylist to chat about what it was like growing up in fashion, her predictions for 2021’s must-have trends, and—but of course!—her impressive repertoire of Chanel bags. Envy, incoming! 

What do you enjoy most about being a stylist and go-to for fashion inspiration?
I love being able to inspire people from all over the world to try out different styles of clothes that they might not be used to. It’s a challenge and it’s such a non-stop job, but when someone feels good in their clothes and their confidence goes up… that makes it all worth it.

What does a typical day look like for you at work?
Every day is changing, especially since the pandemic. My team and I were forced to really think outside of the box because we weren’t physically together for a long time. Some days we are really focused on content creation, other days I will have back-to-back buying appointments or be working one-on-one with a client. It varies every day, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

What will be the must-have shoes, bags, accessories for 2021—and why?
I’m really loving Bottega at the moment. It’s just so different and chic!

As a personal shopper and stylist, what bag do you consistently see the most interest in?
A Chanel bag. Whether it be their first ever Chanel purchase or one to add to a growing collection. Every Chanel bag purchase is special and I work really hard to make sure our clients are supported when making that purchase.

You notably have an enviable collection of Chanel bags. If you had to wear only one for the rest of your life, which style would you choose and why?
A classic flap. They are so chic and timeless.

What are you other go-tos at the moment?
Since I’m always on the go my Chanel and Goyard totes get a lot of use. That being said, if I know I’m going to be carrying one of my bigger totes, I try to also incorporate a fun smaller bag like my green Hermès Kelly bag. 

What do you think of the micro bag trend? Do you think the tiny bags from the Chanel SS ‘21 show will take off? Absolutely! We get requests for them daily. They are such a cute accessory and add a little bit of personality and fun to an outfit! I’m all for them.

Fashion is in your blood. What was it like growing up with such a heavy fashion influence?
Growing up [it] was so special coming to the store and being able to watch my grandmother merchandise the sales floor or watch my grandfather buy merchandise for the store. I knew  from a very young age that I wanted to be a part of my family’s business but it was also very important to my family and I that I had other experience before coming straight on board after college.

What’s your earliest styling memory?
Taking one of my first clients to a showroom to pick out looks from their latest collection. It was so exciting. I still get that same feeling when buying clothes for my clients. I really love what I do, and I’m so grateful to be able to have this job.

This year has thrown the fashion industry into a spiral. What do you miss most about the industry pre-COVID? What are you looking forward to again?
Traveling! I miss going to Paris for fashion week and our buying appointments. Seeing everyone in the showrooms was so special and something I miss so much. We’re lucky to be able to see the collections virtually but being in Paris is so special and I can’t wait to go back.

In your opinion, what were the top five bags of 2020? Will they be as popular this year?
The Loewe Puzzle, Chanel’s 19 bag, The Row shoulder bag, Bottega mini Jodie and padded Cassette. They will all be very popular for a long time.

What’s selling most at Hirshleifers right now?
Amina Muaddi shoes are always hot off the shelves as well as our new brand Duckie Confetti. The mink slides sold out before we could even merchandise them!

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