The Russian BTR-82 uses scrap metal to protect against small arms fire

Russian engineers have created a new additional armor kit from scrap metal to protect their BTR-82 armored personnel carriers from small arms fire and artillery fire.

The bizarre-looking armored vehicles are equipped with metal channels to protect their most vulnerable front and side parts.

Hastily prepared improvised armor modifications were designed to compensate for design flaws in Russian combat vehicles that were discovered during the first months of the war in Ukraine. BTR-82 crews complain about the defenselessness of combat vehicles against infantry weapons and artillery shells. The light armor of Russian armored personnel carriers cannot protect the crew from shelling, and even more so from attacks by modern anti-tank weapons such as Javelin or NLAV.


The BTR-82 armored personnel carrier is the latest version of the Soviet-era BTR-80 family. The firepower of the BTR-82A has been increased by the use of a new electrically powered unified combat module armed with a single 2A72 30mm cannon coupled to a 7.62mm machine gun. The turret is completely stabilized on two axes and equipped with new sights. The BTR-82 can fire on the move during day and night operations.

The armored hull of the armored personnel carrier is made of kevlar laminated synthetic material to provide ballistic protection. A multi-layer reinforced floor offers protection against improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and mine blasts. Protective linings inside the vehicle’s armor also protect the crew from the blast.

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