The Washington Post profiles the 5th Circuit

Aaron Streett, a Houston-based attorney who practiced before the 5th Circuit Court and served as a law clerk to Chief Judge William H. ​​Rehnquist, said the new justices are “on the leading edge of the originalist and textualist ideas that are permeating the law reviews and to the conservative public – interested law firms.”

“You have really smart, creative judges who are talented writers and popularizers of these legal principles,” Streett said, adding that they are willing to take what the Supreme Court has said in the past decade and “apply those decisions to their full logical extent.”….

Streett, the Houston-based attorney, said he believes the justices are engaged in “robust conversations about principles,” without resentment between newcomers and veterans. “I have seen no evidence of any malice or bad blood between any of the judges.”

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