The worst Super Bowl halftime in history

Disney Millennium Celebration Super Bowl XXXIV Halftime Show

How in God’s name did they manage to get Edward James Olmos into this?

Putting it aside the fact that this train wreck was just one, huge Disney commercial seems to suffer from “we don’t have anyone big enough to be the main host of this series on their own, so let’s throw in as many second-rate talent as possible.” And look, by no means do I believe that Phil Collins is a second-tier talent in the world of rock and roll. But he is second-tier in terms of hosting Super Bowl halftime shows. On paper, Phil Collins, Toni Braxton, and Christina Aguilera look like a big event. In reality, Epcot is objectively the most boring Disney park, and an entire halftime show “inspired” by it had about as broad an appeal as Frozen on Ice.

This was terrible and we should apologize to Phil Collins.

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