“There are things you can say to each side that will end this war immediately”

President Trump: Peace “can be negotiated within 24 hours”

Speaking to RSBN’s Brian Glenn, President Donald Trump said the United States is paying “10 times what Europe is paying” for the war in Ukraine, estimating the US outlay at $107 billion. “I feel terrible for the people of Ukraine, I feel terrible for the people of Russia,” Trump said. “That has to be resolved. “

TRUMP: First of all, it should never have started. It would never have started if I had been president. There was no way this war was going to start.”

To be honest, I don’t think Putin wanted to do that. I think he was forced to do so by the statements made by Biden.

It’s such a sad thing to see, because no matter what happens now, it could never be the way it could have been if no one was dead and no cities were destroyed.

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If you look at some of these cities, they are completely in ashes. One city they flew over, there was not a single building.

So it shouldn’t have happened. But it is.

In addition, it can be negotiated within 24 hours.

This really has to be done from the Office of the President. You have to get them both into the room, and there are things you can say to each of them – which I won’t reveal now – that will guarantee that this war will end immediately.

You have to do it. Because what is happening is a horror.

And many more people are killed than what they are talking about.

When they tear down those big apartments (buildings), they tear down cities, and then they say ‘Two people died’, that’s not right. I think the numbers are much higher. This will be revealed later.

But we have to do something about it. This war must stop. And now it has to stop. And it’s easy to do.

I believe we send ten times more than Europe sends. I believe we are at $107 billion, maybe more. And Europe is only a small part of it. It is obvious that Europe is affected much more than we are. They are closer.

It was always very difficult for Germany to include them. It’s just not fair to the United States.

I feel terrible for the people of Ukraine, I feel terrible for the people of Russia. Everyone suffers.

It has to be resolved.

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