Ukraine’s border guards are using Warmate suicide drones to destroy Russian enemies

The State Border Guard Service of Ukraine allegedly used Warmate hovering munitions, also called suicide drones, to destroy Russian enemies.

Ukraine’s border guard has released brutal wartime footage showing Warmata drones flying straight into enemy targets hiding in households and maintenance buildings in southern Ukraine.

“Together with other units of the Armed Forces, border guards destroy the attackers and inflict significant losses on them, using aerial reconnaissance units,” the border service said in a statement.


The Warmate is a small, vaguely shaped aircraft-shaped unmanned system with a center-mounted wing and V-tail, weighing just under 12 pounds at most. It has a top speed of just over 90 miles per hour and can stay in the air for about 70 minutes, on average.

The drone, which is designed to be operated by just two people, can perform local surveillance and reconnaissance functions, giving soldiers important additional situational awareness. It also offers a way to instantly attack any enemy forces, including light armored vehicles, that it detects.

Polish-made Warmate hovering ammunition donated by Lithuanians.

Warmate represents a good alternative for anti-tank guided missiles with its ability to operate in a significantly larger radius, allowing for comfortable detection and observation of a potential target over a relatively long time span.

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