Ukrainian artillery blew up a new Russian electronic warfare system

Ukraine’s military says it has destroyed Russia’s new Palantin electronic warfare (EW) system.

The Ukrainian military also released aerial footage showing the newly adopted Palantin EW system destroyed by Ukrainian strikes.

The footage was obtained by the 128th Mountain Assault Brigade, also known as the 128th Separate Mountain-Transcarpathian Brigade, which claims in a statement that the video shows: “Russia’s latest EW complex “Palantin”, destroyed by high-precision artillery fire.”


Palantine is primarily designed to detect and jam enemy radio communications and electronic intelligence systems in a 1,000 km wide band.

The new electronic warfare system was adopted by the Russian army in 2019.

The Russian Ministry of Defense (MoD) announced on its website on March 12, 2019 that the system can be used to discreetly target radio frequency objects, conduct bandwidth and specific frequency jamming, and detect adversarial forms of EW.

Palantine can also be used to create a system of systems by combining different EW and electronic reconnaissance systems into a single coordinated network to increase effectiveness, the Defense Department explained.

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