Ukrainian Kamikaze drone attacks destroy hidden Russian soldiers

Open-source-intelligence (OSINT) group Ukraine_Defence released a short video on February 9 showing the moment a Ukrainian drone wipes out hidden Russian soldiers.

The group said Ukrainian troops used the Switchblade 300 hovering munition originally developed by California-based manufacturer AeroVironment.

The video shows a Kamikaze drone flying at an unsuspecting group of Russian soldiers in Ukraine.


The impressive Switchblade drone footage comes as more footage emerges of Russian soldiers and military equipment being decimated by Ukraine on the battlefield.

According to open sources, more than 700 Switchblade 300 drones were sent to Ukraine by the United States as part of an $800 million aid package launched in March.

The Switchblade 300 is small enough that a soldier can carry several of them in a backpack, deploy its launch tube within minutes and fire it, its folded wings firing like its namesake knife.

The 5.5-pound drone has a range of about 6 miles, and its battery provides 10 minutes of flight time, according to the company. Switchblade 300s are ideally equipped to carry out lighter vehicles and personnel.

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