Virginia’s JV basketball coach pretends to be a 13-year-old student

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Adult sensibilities do not belong in youth sports. Adults take sports too seriously. Countless times overzealous parents, coaches, and spectators defiled the purity of amateur sports. An assistant coach at The staff of a junior varsity basketball team in Portsmouth, Virginia, recently attempted a silly 21 Jump Street scam. The original 21 Jump Street ran for five seasons. Churchville’s version lasted an entire day. I’m left wondering how to reconfigure the minutes allotment after a 13 year hooper for Churchland HS The Truckers junior varsity basketball team skipped a game against Nasemond River to attend an out-of-town contest basketball tournament for your club, assistant coach Arlisha Boykins she saw it as her opportunity to become the first player-coach in high school basketball.


According to VALOVI-TV, Boykins joined the game against 13- to 15-year-old girls by presenting herself as an absent teenager. However, the player who was imitated was aware off Boykins’ stunt and plans to transfer to another school.

Game video shows Boykins running his pre-teen opponents, showing off advanced whipper skills, throwing his jabs into oblivion, draining stepbacks in his grills, grabbing boards, and building her highlight reel. On fabulist George Santos’ scale, an assistant coach who poses as a JV player only to serve them on the floor has about seven on a scale of one through 10 in terms of bizarreness.

What was the point?

There is an extensive, terrible history from Grown ups who can’t give up on their hoop dreams, go back to high school so they can they compete against teenagers, but most of their plots are a bit more sophisticated. What was the ending? Win the JV title she never won as an underclassman?

There was no need to launch an operation to catch Boykins in the act. Not only was Boykins an assistant coach, but this was a JV team! In her 20s, she couldn’t even get to university. Did the 23-year-old woman who pretended to be a high school freshman really think that parents or school employees wouldn’t notice or that the players wouldn’t gossip if her cheeky plan worked? If this was an episode of 21 Jump Street, it would be over in half an hour.

“The coaches are always preaching to the kids about integrity and things like that, so I was shocked,” the 13-year-old’s father said.

This absurd development would not have been possible without the express approval of the Churchville head coach. What other life lessons did these coaches impart? their young players? How to get away with identity fraud?

The unanswered questions left here are endless. One thing we do know is a house cleaned out quickly in Churchville. The junior varsity coach who approved of Boykins’ cheating and the varsity coach who allegedly “encouraged [Boykins’] behavior” were both dismissed from school. Boykins’ bizarre move should have ended her coaching career before it even began, but there are worse people who have returned from exile. Unfortunately for the girls who were forced to participate in Boykins’ scheme, their season was also canceled following the scandal.

In the end, it is the children who are usually harmed by the sins of the supposedly responsible adults.

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