WAKE UP, BROCUTE: Disney is preparing to lay off thousands of workers

Disney was once a company that served families and held to traditional American beliefs, but like many corporations in recent years, it has embraced the far left.

That decision is starting to have a serious and negative effect on their bottom line.

Millions of Americans have faced the progressive political indoctrination that has taken over entertainment and are abandoning Disney and other companies like them.

As a result, Disney is now preparing to lay off thousands of workers.

Deadline reports:

Disney’s rounds of layoffs likely begin before the AGM; Details of the cuts appear

With Disney’s April 3 shareholder meeting — a virtual affair this year — less than two weeks away, some clarity is emerging about the company’s plans to cut staff and cut costs.

Insiders tell Deadline that multiple rounds of cuts are in the works. We hear that the first one is planned for the end of March, probably next week. (March 30 or 31 have been mentioned as possible dates, but this has not been confirmed.) According to sources, there will be a big wave at the end of April, described as “the big one” or “bloodshed”, when the bulk of the cuts are expected.

Information about a potential third round of layoffs varies. Some say it could come between the one at the end of March and the one at the end of April, while others note that it could follow the one at the end of April if necessary. Disney declined to comment.

Senior Disney executives have been detailing the cuts in recent weeks. We’re hearing that most managers have already submitted their layoff reports, a step corporations take before a major layoff.

CEO Bob Iger revealed the extent of the cuts during a call with Wall Street analysts on February 8. Plans to lay off 7,000 employees, roughly 3% of the company’s global workforce, “are not taken lightly,” Iger said. The headcount reduction is a cornerstone of the effort to achieve $5.5 billion in total cost savings.

It’s important to remember that Disney did this to themselves. This was a choice.

Disney is an iconic American brand, and their current leaders have destroyed it because of politics.

It’s sad to watch them implode in real time.

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