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Watch Kendall Jenner Dance and Turn Into a Mermaid In Reserved’s New Campaign

By newadmin / Published on Wednesday, 02 Oct 2019 19:36 PM / Comments Off on Watch Kendall Jenner Dance and Turn Into a Mermaid In Reserved’s New Campaign / 39 views

It’s Wednesday, Fashion Month fatigue is settling in and we could all use an energy boost right now. Well, Reserved has just what we all need — an amazingly charming and quirky video starring Kendall Jenner. It’s surreal beyond words, but let’s attempt to break it down anyway.

The whole thing starts with Jenner lounging in a beautiful Italian apartment, succumbing to romantic ennui. Lots of wigs are involved. There is a gorgeous blue velvet couch. Then Kendall grabs her coat and takes off to… a basement? Location unclear, but the walls are really pretty and the beautiful furniture has been replaced by a shadowy naked man. He caresses her face and she falls asleep, only to awake inside an off-kilter dance sequence (hey, we’ve all been there).

Next, Kendall, who is pretty damn good at nailing broken-doll dance moves and scooting across a carpeted floor, wakes up in the original apartment room. The TV is on and an Italian dude is babbling at her. She is possibly feeling the Sunday Scaries. Just to be clear, that part is entirely my interpretation — no day of the week is specified in the video, but falling asleep in front of the TV only to awake after the sun goes down is the definition of Sunday Scaries. That Italian dude is basically Netflix asking, “Are you still watching?” But I digress because we’re not done yet. She throws on her most Gen Z outfit and goes for a run, climbs a ladder, and jumps into some water. She is now a mermaid. End of story. Ok, just watch it:

Obviously there are a lot of unanswered questions. They include, but are not limited to: What year is it? Was she always a mermaid, or only when she hit the water? Where did the naked guy go? Does he live in the basement? How much did that couch cost? Reserved summarizes the video as “A woman has many faces (and looks) as she goes through her life,” which is burying the lead big time.

The video was directed by Gordon von Steiner, who is basically the go-to for unique and genuinely captivating fashion videos. This is the second time Reserved has tapped Steiner — as you may recall, he also did the incredible campaign with Cindy Crawford, which also involved a lot of dancing.

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